lundi 29 juin 2009

From a means to an End

She told me once quite sure
I recall,
Amazing, my dear, how much
we say without words.
Which sounded to me like the beginning
Of our End.

Though I beg not to differ
From her original quiver:
Astounding that one can exchange
without means.
I simply believe that such a sentence,
Surely, is better left unseen.

None of our spare square months
Brought communication.
How artfull we were in our ways,
Never knowing for sure,
Simply searching for our sort of sensitivity,
A certain strength or aim.

We saw in one another, nothing
But ourselves,
And lived each other out
Just as one dreams.

Which goes to show (in a way truly cunning)
How much I needed those words
And how much she read into my nothings...

Though with time we learn to turn to greater things
Than what we do not have.


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