jeudi 28 mai 2009


I remember that sunny afternoon.
It remains as one of the darkest of my days.

Recall that song we heard - you and I.
That note she held spelt clear cut emotions.
You hit that too,
Playing that hefty key that touched us so.

We started on aimless ramble,
A puzzle of a conversation: simple
Exchange of wit and care.
It came out as a blurt,
Far too strong for progressive inhibitions:
You needed more.
I expected a need of company,
You, my friend, were in for the hurt.

I wish I could have pulled you up
Above adolescent scenery to show new grounds
Far from the angst of ages.
And to think of you in that past patch of mine.
Awaiting, in half-empty rooms
Whatever we result.
Whatever is left of us to be.
The subtle passage from length,
To Depth of being.

Even words fell short.

But whatever they may do, or sell,
However rotten they make us,
Whatever they may tell,
We remain, my dearest friend.
We remain naught but Hamlet's antithesis.
And you will find
A little more than kin,
And so much more than kind.


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